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What is the "Partial Month" charge listed on my invoice?

Basic service charges (e.g., for your Dial-up or Wireless plan) are typically billed on the 15th of the month and cover the upcoming month. If you add to or alter your account in the middle of the month, additional charges incurred are prorated for the portion of the month affected and billed on your next invoice. 

Account changes that will incur additional charges include upgrades (e.g., switching from dial-up to high speed access), adding more dial-up users to your account, and adding extra mailboxes beyond the number allowed under your plan. 

You may also incur partial month charges if your account was deactivated, and you reactivate it after the start of your normal billing cycle. In this case, the partial month charge covers service from the date you reactivated your account through the beginning of your next billing cycle. 

Note : Because your service is billed forward (i.e., you pay at the beginning of the billing cycle for the following month's service), your bill will include the full charge for the upcoming month in addition to the partial month charge for the previous month.

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