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How do I add an ntinet.com email account using the Customer Portal?


1. Open the Customer Account Portal - https://customer.ntinet.com.

2. Enter your account username and password in the Customer Login boxes. If you do not know your username and password you will need to call our office during normal business hours to obtain this information.

3.       Click on the Current Rates


4.       Choose "View Service"  from the service rate you wish to add email to.



5.       Click on the Add button.



6.       Select the ntinet.com Domain from the drop box, enter your username in the username box (The username will be the first part of your email address , enter a password in the password box (passwords must contain at least 6 characters and one of the characters must be a number or symbol).

7.   Click the Add Service button

8.   Your new email address will now be created on the Mail server.  


If you are using a program such as Outlook Express or Windows Mail to retrieve and send your email messages, you will need to add this email account to your email software.  For assistance on how to do this, please review our other knowledge base articles on setting up your specific email software.



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