How to Port your number when you have DSL

  1. Check to see if NTInet VoIP is availble. 
  2. The following carriers currently offer the ability to keep your DSL service and transfer your number. Restrictions may apply.
  • AT&T High Speed Internet
  • If your phone company is not listed. You can still transfer your phone number by moving your DSL service to another phone line.
  • Order a second phone line from your current provider. Please note that you only need to order basic service (limited local and no long distance) to minimize the expense of this line.
  • Have your DSL service moved to the new phone line.

    Please be sure your current provider does not cancel or disconnect your original line. NTInet cannot transfer a number that has been cancelled or disconnected.

    Submit the (LOA) Letter Authorization request to NTInet  for your original phone line.

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