How do I manage my Digital Voice Features & Settings?

Digital Voice Features & Settings

Your Digital Voice phone service comes with an abundance of features. Enhanced Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Simultaneous ring and much more. Manage them all through the Digital Voice web portal anytime anywhere.


With the Digital Voice Web Portal you are in total control of your account. You can access your account 24/7 to mange your account info, check call activity, manage calling features and much more.



Anonymous Call Block    On: *77  Off: *87     
Works with Caller ID to prevent calls from callers who block delivery of their name and number.

Caller ID Block     *67 
Blocks delivery of your number to the phone you are calling.

Call Waiting    On: *56  Off: *57 
Click Flash Button” to place a call on hold to answer a waiting call.

Call Return  *69 
Calls the last number that called you.

Do Not Disturb   On: *78  Off: *79
Sends caller directly to voice mail.

Call Forward Always  On: *72 Off *73
*40 + 10 digit number to set always forward number.

Call Forward Busy  On: *90  Off: *91
*41+ 10 digit number to set forward calls on busy number.

Call Forward No Answer On: *92  Off: *93 
*42+ 10 digit number to set forward calls when no one answers number.

Conference/Three-Way Call  Click Flash Button” Press the flash button on your telephone. When you hear a dial tone, dial the second party’s number. Once they are connected, press the flash button again. All parties will be connected on the call.


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