Battery Back-up Policy

Battery Backup Requirements

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) requires Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) providers inform their customers of the potential limitations of 911 service when access is attempted over a VoIP connection compared with traditional 911 service over the public switched telephone network.

A battery backup for telephone service will allow you to continue to use your telephone service during a power outage. Without a battery backup or alternate backup source such as a generator, you will not be able to make any telephone calls, including emergency calls to 911. The only way to maintain the ability to use your telephone service is by using some form of backup power. The battery backup does not provide power to any services other than dial tone. Do not plug any additional devices into the battery backup purchased for your home telephone service. Home security systems, medical monitoring devices and other equipment will not run on a telephone service battery backup. If you are concerned about being able to contact 911 emergency services during a power outage, a battery backup may be a good option for you.

Purchase and Replacement Options

You can purchase a backup battery from NTinet or through many of your local retailers or on-line stores, for approximately $100.00.

Please also note:

ANY powered equipment connected to the telephone line will NOT work during a power outage (e.g. cordless phones or telecommunications devices used to assist customers with disabilities may require their own battery).

In the event of a power outage, limit the use of your backup power to voice emergency calling only.

Customer Battery Monitoring

Regardless of the source of your UPS, you are responsible for monitoring and battery replacement. Don’t forget to regularly monitor your UPS. Most batteries have a ‘status’ light on the top of the unit. Typically, a green light means that the unit is working properly and a red light means that the battery needs to be replaced. For more specific questions, contact the battery manufacturer listed on the UPS.