How do I port my current phone number to NTInet VoIP Phone Service!

In order to port a telephone number to NTInet, it must meet the following criteria

1. Be LIVE – the telephone number must have dial tone and be live with the current

2. Be covered by NTInet’s porting service area.

3. Not have DSL attached to the line. If you are a DSL customer please "Click Here" to see your options.

4. Not have any pending orders or features that do not allow porting, such as call waiting, caller ID,  distinctive ring, hunting, centrex. You will need to contact your provider to have these features removed before porting.
5. Fill out and sign a (LOA) Letter of Authorization and fax it or email it to NTInet. Click here to download a LOA.
Once you have printed and signed the (LOA) Letter of Authorization, do not contact your carrier to disconnect your service. It will take place when your phone number is transitioned to NTInet. You will receive a final bill from your previous provider.
NTInet will provides you with a temporary phone number to use until your carrier releases your existing phone number.
Cellular numbers may be ported but within a limited service area.

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