Which lights on my Router should be on?

Generally, routers have similar indicator lights, but they’re not always the same.

  1. If the ’power’ light is OFF, the router likely needs to be plugged in. Also check your power strip, if you have one in place, to make sure that is also connected.
  2. If the ’internet’ light is OFF, that means that the router does does not see a connection. You may want to try unplugging the power for ten seconds and plugging it back in. You may also want to try unplugging and replugging the device that the WAN of Internet port is wired to.

  3. The numbered lights, if they are lit, indicate that you have a device connected to the associated port. These are the links between the router and your computer/s. There should be as many lit as computers/devices you have hooked up. If you see that the port that the computer is plugged into is not lit, try unplugging the cable on the end connected to your router, the one connected to the computer, and then if its still not lit restart the computer.

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