How do I upload my website files using FTP files?

First off, you will need an FTP program. You can get some simple ones for free, but there are also some other ones which cost money. You may want to refer to a search engine and do a search. Some FTP programs I would recommend are directly below.

Smart FTP (Free)
WinSCP (Free)

WS FTP (approx. $50):

CuteFTP (approx. $50):

You will need the following information to login with an FTP program:

> Host Address (domain name or IP address)

> Username

> Password

It isn’t necessary to specify any directory paths. The servers know which directory belongs to the username and will take you to the correct location by default. You can upload your main files to the root directory.

From the point, you generally have files listed on the left. These files are on YOUR computer. The files listed then on the right are the files for your WEBSITE (IE, the server).

Just select the files on your computer you want to put on your website, and UPLOAD them.

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