How do I send a fax with Virtual Fax Service?

Send and receive faxes via email, your Web browser, or with our convenient Desktop application. 

Fax Portal gives end users the ability to log into a website portal to send and receive faxes.


Email-to-Fax Service

To send a fax using our Email-to-Fax service simply send an email using the following parameters. Email-to-Fax supports up to 5 attachments.

Attachments may be sent in JPG, PDF, Adobe PostScript, TIFF, Microsoft Word, Excel, CSV, HTML & Plain Text formats.

To: <10_digit_number>
Subject: <Your vFax DID number; 10 digits only> (You may now add ’cover page’ to the subject line to have our system utilize the email body as a cover page)
Body: <blank>

Upon submission our system will reply with a confirmation or rejection notice.

New faxes sent with this service will be displayed on the vFax Service page within the customer user portal with their current status.


Desktop Application

Download the desktop client here.

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