Digital Phone Service

I Have No Dial Tone. What to do?


1. The absence of a dial tone can be the result of bad connection with the Ethernet or Internet connection.  Look for the INTERNET Light (Front of Phone Adapter):  This indicates if the adapter is receiving an active Internet connection from... Read More

Troubleshooting Outbound Calls Marked as Spam


Understanding Spam Call Marking Due to the rise of unwanted calls in recent years, many services have been created to create databases of known or suspected spam callers. Each service utilizes its own methodology for what numbers they add to the... Read More

How To Request and Obtain Your Customer Service Record (CSR)


What is a CSR? A CSR is a copy of how your telephone records appear in the telephone company’s database. It contains information about each separate line charge (i.e. type of service, federal access charge, number portability charge, calling... Read More

How to connect my VoIP adapter to my existing house wiring?

VoIP installations can include distributing the VoIP phone connection throughout the house. This will make VoIP for the premises use much more suitable, rather than using only one or two phones or cordless phones. The basic steps to connect... Read More

Light Statuses for the Linksys and Cisco SPA VoIP Adapter.

The purpose of this is to help describe the light status on the SPA Series VoIP ATA also known as the "Analog Telephone Adapter". INTERNET Light (Front of Adapter): This indicates if the adapter is receiving an active Internet... Read More

I’m Having trouble sending a fax with VoIP Phone Service.

Faxing over VoIP can be acheived with moderate success after a few settings have been adjusted on the fax machine. You will need to lower the baud rate to 9600 and disable ECM(error Correction Mode).   Heavy fax users should look at keeping a ... Read More

How can I eliminate echo during a phone conversation?

The number one cause of echo is from voice traveling out from the earpiece or speaker back into the mouthpiece or acoustic echo. Turning  down the volume of the phone can greatly reduce this issue.   Another cause of echo is... Read More

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