How Do I Enable SMTP Authentication?


To enable SMTP authentification select from below the email client your are using and following the step-by-step Directions.   Microsoft Outlook® Express (PC) To turn SMTP Authentication setting on: 1. From the Tools menu, choose "Accounts.... Read More

What is this "Spam Digest” email I keep getting?


The Spam Digest is an emailed version of the Quarantine page that allows you to review and release spam. To access your quarantined items, click the "My Account" link from the "Spam Digest". Read More

How do I to access my Email ?


You can access your NTInet mailbox via the Web using Webmail  at or through your favorite email software client via POP3. For specific step-by-step direction on how to set up you PC based... Read More

How do I release a message from SPAM quarantine?


Click on the "View" link in the Digest email next to the quarantined message you want to release.  When the "Safe Preview Message" window comes up you may read the message and determine if it is valid or not.  If it's a valid message you... Read More

General Email Configuration Information

NTInet Incoming (POP3) Mail Server: mail.ntinet.comOutgoing (SMTP) Mail Server:   Incoming (POP3) Mail Server: mail.oburg.netOutgoing (SMTP) Mail Server:     tri... Read More

How to set up email with Outlook.

Click on Tools. Select Accounts Settings. Click on the Mail tab. Click on New button and then on POP3 Mail. Select the Check Box to Manually Configure Settings and click on Next. Then choose Internet... Read More

How to Filter email by Sender

Filtering by Sender The filtering system has Friends (whitelist) and Enemies (blacklist) options to filter by email address, domain name, or IP address.   • Friends: Mail from these addresses and domains will not be filtered for spam. ... Read More

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