SPAM Filter

What is this "Spam Digest” email I keep getting?


The Spam Digest is an emailed version of the Quarantine page that allows you to review and release spam. To access your quarantined items, click the "My Account" link from the "Spam Digest". Read More

How to Filter email by Sender

Filtering by Sender The filtering system has Friends (whitelist) and Enemies (blacklist) options to filter by email address, domain name, or IP address.   • Friends: Mail from these addresses and domains will not be filtered for spam. ... Read More

What are “Quarantined” messages?

Quarantined messages are the messages that the system has filtered out based on filtering options selected. They are archived for 35 days online. You can run reports on the Personal Dashboard for any of your quarantined messages. Read More

How to Configure Message Filtering

Configuring Message Filtering Depending on the settings applied by your email administrator, you may or may not be able to configure your email filtering options. Valid filtering options are:   • Allow: Allows the message to pass through... Read More