adaptive wi-fi powered by Plume HomePass®

Connect computers, laptops, gaming systems, tablets, and other Wi-Fi products for a superior broadband experience. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity where and when you need it


Consistent speed and
coverage with WiFi that
proactively adjusts to you


Intuitive tools for
managing users, devices,
and internet access.


Best-in-class security
powered by AI.


Whole-home motion
awareness for peace of

You're in control

Easily manage your home wifi network with the highly rated HomePass Plume app. You're in complete control over every device in your home.

Manage your Wi-Fi Your Way

Home All Access

Give full home Wi-Fi access to people you trust. This will allow their devices
to interact with all other connected
devices in your home.

Limited Guest Access

Create custom passwords for each guest and then choose which connected devices—like printers, TVs, security cameras or thermostat they can access to make them feel instantly at home..

Internet Only Access

Devices with Internet only WiFi passwords will only be connected to the Internet and not any of the connected devices in your home.

Internet Freeze

Going offline is sometimes a good habit! Schedule an Internet freeze, give a time out to a specific device or person and monitor their levels of Internet usage.

So, what exactly is Plume ®

Device usage and management

A tap on each device provides insights into the signal strength and bandwidth consumption. You can also see which Plume pod it’s connected to.

Getting smarter all the time

Unlike other Wi-Fi systems, Plume® continuously learns about your internet needs and performs advanced self-optimizations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most.

Whole-home awareness

With Plume Motion your wireless devices work together to detect movement in your home, just by measuring Wi-Fi signals – and they alert you via the Plume app. Which means peace of mind, privacy, and no need to buy new equipment.

SmartHome Wi-Fi Subscription options + Grow as needed

SmartHome  WiFi

Includes one SuperPod ®


per month

Grow as you need

Add a SuperPod ® if needed


each per month